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Click here how to Fix Error Viewer Schedule!

Don’t worry about automatic download schedule, it’s because your Downloader extensions was enabled. Try to disabled & Refresh!

Disabled you extensions downloader like IDM (Internet Download Manager) or others Downloader then refresh your page!

Below how to disable IDM Extensions!

I need to temporary disable IDM to download some file with my browser. How can I do this?

If you want to temporary disable IDM for single download you may hold Alt button while clicking on the download link to prevent IDM from taking the download. If it does not work, read here how to configure keys to prevent IDM from taking a download.

Or you can temporary turn off IDM integration into a browser in “Options->General” IDM dialog.

You may also delete this file extension from the IDM extensions list in “Options->File Types” dialog (arrow 1 on the image). Or you may add this server to the exceptions list in the same dialog. To do this press “Edit list” (arrow 2 on the image).

Then press “Add” (arrow 1 on the image), enter a site that you do not want to download with IDM from and press “OK” (arrow 2 on the image).

In the latest version of IDM if you cancel downloading of any file twice, IDM will automatically suggest you adding it to the exceptions list.

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